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09-April-2018 UrbanFox unveils new driver rewards programme to close last mile delivery gap

Singapore, 9 April 2018 - UrbanFox, an omnichannel logistics and channel management solutions brand and a subsidiary of Keppel Logistics, today announced its brand new rewards programme for more than 12,000 UrbanFox delivery partners in Singapore.

As an industry pioneer in developing clustered and crowdsourced delivery technology, the new points-based rewards mechanism incentivises the delivery process by allowing delivery partners to set delivery targets and awards points when the targets are achieved. It will allow UrbanFox to significantly boost reward offerings to its delivery partners while optimising the company's delivery network capacity.

UrbanFox's hybrid model of crowdsourced delivery personnel and fixed-fleet drivers enable it to fully leverage available delivery resources in population-dense areas and during peak hours, while multiplying the productivity of each delivery partner by effectively reducing their times spent per trip.

Aside from introducing crowdsourced solutions, UrbanFox is dedicated to attracting and retaining its crowdsourced delivery partners through the new rewards programme to promote clustered delivery, improve visibility of the available fleet at its disposal and ultimately close the gap between the growing demand and limited supply for last mile delivery.

Highlights of the new rewards programme include a point-based rewards mechanism that feed into a self-determined, commitment-based ranking system for the drivers. The points can be redeemed for rewards such as fuel cards and top-up vouchers.  

“We are excited to introduce the new rewards programme, which was re-designed based on direct feedback given by our delivery partners during our extensive conversations with them”, said Mr Joe Choa, Managing Director of UrbanFox. 

“We are confident that the revised mechanism and newly added perks will help our delivery partners to earn more, and ultimately allow us to better serve our customers in Singapore,” he added.

Easy-to-understand, point-based rewards mechanism
Each UrbanFox delivery partner will be granted up to 5 rewards points per trip based on a checklist of delivery goals. Every satisfactory goal checked off the list during a delivery attempt (e.g. being on time, updating the status of the delivery properly, etc.) will earn the delivery partner his/her respective points.
In case of a surge in delivery orders in a certain area within a short period of time, UrbanFox will be able to assign Bonus Points to a job as an incentive. Delivery partners will be able to see the extra points they could earn once the job is completed.
Self-determined, commitment-based ranking system
Once confirmed as an UrbanFox delivery partner, each of them will, on a monthly basis, be required to commit to a certain level of reward points tying to four different status levels. Once the delivery partner meets the minimum points required for the level that they have committed to for the month, they will unlock a wide range of perks associated with each status level.
Screengrab of UrbanFox Driver Rewards Platform

Selection Menu for Points-Based Targets on the UrbanFox Driver Rewards Platform

Tangible, immediate benefits for delivery partners 

Once accumulated, the reward points can be used as a virtual currency to purchase a fully upgraded suite of goods and services offered by a variety of UrbanFox’s partners.

Some of the latest benefits offered by UrbanFox include top-up redemptions for the EZ-Link FEVO Card and the Esso Fuel Card. After delivery partners redeem their EZ-Link Card or the Esso Fuel card, they will be able to redeem vouchers using reward points for top ups within each reward cycle. 

Driver rewards on UrbanFox Driver Rewards Platform

UrbanFox delivery partners will enjoy a variety of rewards options

Early cash payouts for outperformers

The rewards system also directly contributes to the delivery partner’s compensation. All delivery partners with the status of Platinum and above will enjoy weekly payments for the current and the following month (E.g.: If a delivery partner reaches Platinum status at the end of January, he or she will be able to enjoy weekly payments until the end of February. This is contrasted with delivery partners below Platinum status who will receive their payments on a monthly basis). This way, delivery partners committed to driving for UrbanFox in the long run will be rewarded for their loyalty and consistently high performance.





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