Logistics Parks

Recognising increasing emphasis on food security and safety in China, Keppel Logistics is currently developing a high-end food logistics park in Anhui, China. The Keppel Logistics-owned Keppel Wanjiang International Cold Chain Logistics Park will be operated by Keppel Logistics once development is complete. We are also developing a second food logistics park within the Jilin Sino-Singapore Food Zone and will be the sole food logistics park operator within the Food Zone.

The food logistics parks provide a common marketplace for food manufacturers and buyers, allowing sellers to showcase their products while facilitating price and quality comparisons for buyers.

Strong co-operation from the Chinese Government and international food testing agencies will help to ensure that the products meet stringent local and international food safety standards. Equipped with the latest in cold chain technology, our logistics parks will be able to fulfil customers' supply chain needs and logistics service requirements, including food re-packaging, bundling and labelling services.