Keppel Logistics’ supply chain system offers customers full visibility and total control of the supply chain. With years of supply chain integration experience with a variety of industrial verticals and ERPs, we enable customers and supply chain partners to enjoy a closer strategic and operational collaboration.

KLOG Portal


A secure customer-dedicated collaborative portal that allows customers to submit ASN and delivery requests, submit delivery requests, track order statuses, download Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports and exception reports. Customers are able to receive the reports by e-mail or via the portal.

Warehouse Management System


Keppel Logistics offers a highly configurable Warehouse Management System (WMS) that serves multi-countries, multi-sites, and multi-verticals. It is integrated with technologies such as Radio Frequency (RF), Automated Storage Retrieval System (ASRS), conveyor and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). The WMS gives customers real-time inventory tracking and visibility capabilities.

It also supports inbound (ASN, receiving, quality control, putaway strategy, cross dock) and outbound processes (order, pick wave strategy, packing, shipping, replenishment, distribution). Other features include reverse logistics, stock-take, cycle count, inventory control and electronic proof of delivery.

Transport Management System


Keppel Logistics offers a highly configurable Transport Management System (TMS) that streamlines transportation processes and increases efficiencies to help customers reduce transportation costs. The TMS supports Less than Truck Load (LTL), Full Truck Load (FTL), milk run, distribution and line haul.

All Keppel Logistics trucks are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS), enabling the TMS to automate manual workflow and allow for better planning and decision making through real-time tracking. The transport plan has the added ability to handle exceptions during daily execution.

Terminal Operations System


Keppel Logistics offers an integrated Terminal Operations System to support river port operations and manage ship berthing, ship planning, quay cranes and yard planning. A Customs Clearance System installed on-site gives customers the added advantage of expediting customs clearance with faster release of goods and vessel turnaround.

Logistics Park System


Keppel Logistics’ Logistics Park System integrates various subsystems together, enabling efficient management and maintenance of the food logistics park. The Logistics Park System is integrated with a partnered bank, providing buyer and seller with a cashless experience when they conduct their transactions in the park.

Key subsystems for the Logistics Park System include Trading, Sales, Logistics (WMS, TMS) and Facility.

KLOG Integration Hub


Keppel Logistics’ highly scalable open platform B2B Integration Hub allows data exchange across businesses, systems, trading communities and technologies. It supports all international standards such as EDIFACT, ANSI X12, XML, SAP IDOC and any customized formats and is able to work with data transfer and security protocol such as AS2 and Secure FTP. Our dedicated team also has extensive experience in integrating with SAP and Oracle ERPs.