Multi-Modal Transportation

Keppel Logistics has a proven track record of providing multi-modal transportation from long-haul trucking and local distribution to coastal shipping and river barging. Our transportation network capabilities are augmented by cross-docking nodes and ports that enable seamless connections between different modes of transportation.

Land Transportation


Keppel Logistics operates more than 400 vehicles across its operations in China and the Asia Pacific - prime movers, trailers, lorries, reefer trucks, vans and motorcycles to meet any transportation need.

We provide country-wide distribution to shopping malls, supermarkets, retail outlets, schools, petrol kiosks, hospitals, clinics and institutions. Besides local transportation networks, Keppel Logistics is also well connected to provide comprehensive courier, freight services and long haul within the country on top of cross-border transportation.

Our fleet of vehicles are tracked in real time by Keppel Logistics' transport management system (TMS) which is overseen by a dedicated traffic management team. Customers can have a peace of mind over timely and safe transport of their goods with real-time status updates on deliveries. At the same time, the TMS allows us to keep vehicle downtime to a minimum and reduces our carbon footprint with load optimisation capabilities.

Water Transportation


Keppel Logistics operates barges that ply between major ports of call to our river ports in China. This allows the seamless transfer of sea freight containers between Main Line Operators (MLOs) to in-land river ports.

Our ports in Foshan operate daily barges between Guangzhou Nansha, Shenzhen and Hong Kong ports. Our Wuhu Sanshan Port also receives barges operating along the Yangtze River.